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Tiny Homes

Tiny Houses to fit your lifestyle


Built from Scratch

We build in house and use the best products to craft your tiny house unique to you. 



If an issue arises, we have the staff and skills to get your house repaired and back in perfect working condition ASAP, so you can live worry free.

*All deposits are non-refundable 

Building Materials

We choose the best materials for our builds. 

Most of our products are built in house to manufacture our tiny houses and bus conversions. 

Some products are built for us to our specs by trustworthy manufactures. 

Rest assured, your product is crafted in American with pride.


Mechanical Building 

Sourcing our materials means we can get the best materials for the best price, keeping your build on budget.


For the mobile option, we use bus chassis because they are stronger than a trailer frame. Allowing the home to be moved without the need of an over priced, one ton or large truck. Using these chassis make your home safer to move and much more economical making it a perfect platform to build on. Some people even choose to build a wood fence or plant shrubs to disguise the front end of the Bus.


We use a soy based spray foam insulation with our patented dual wall systems that will completely prevent the thermal bridging that most all other homes have. 


Hydronic Heating System

Our hydronic heating system gives you three sources of heat which grants you peace of mind that you will have heat in any situation.

Our roof mounted solar heat collectors, pellet fired boiler stoves and propane back up boiler also allow you to have zone heating. We can place the heating system in the interior walls to help with efficency of design. No more having to design around your support systems!

We have a patented design that is built in house.


Water Filtration System

Our patented design is built in house and purifies water allowing you to live off grid.

You can even draw water from lakes or rivers and purify it to drinking water standards. 

We also have multiple gray water recirculation systems for laundry, showers and dishwashers to stretch your water even farther.

The washing machine uses gray water filtered to 5 microns and UV light sanitized.

The Dishwasher uses water filtered to 1 micron and UV sanitized. 

The shower uses gray water filtered to 1 micron and UV sanitized. 

The drinking water comes from the fresh water tank and is filtered to .03 microns and UV sanitized.

The hot water diverter system diverts the water back to the tank until the hot water gets to the appliance, reducing water waste. 

Cooling System

Our cooling systems use the earths natural cooling under ground to keep the incoming air around 55 degrees and hot air is exhausted out the roof, saving money on power and water. We can also build a dehumidifying system into it to provide water from the air to be stored in tanks for use, helping with water usage.

pellet stove_edited.jpg

Pellet Stove

We use 12 VDC pellet stoves as a boiler to provide radiant heat as well as hydronic heat. We build this hybrid stove in house with many different hopper sizes.  It can change in minutes to burn either wood or pellets and are backed up by a propane (American made) boiler. So, just in case the pellets run out in the middle of the night, the heat will stay on. 


Compost Toilets

We build our patented compost toilets in house to keep cost low and quality high. We custom build them from HDPE plastic, wood, or even aluminum to work off of 12 VDC.

All of our toilets can be used by females and kids without compromising the urine separation.

Our “waterless flush” system keeps the odors out with no unsightly view of the toilet's contents. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We will make sure your experience with everyone, from the design team, to the person delivering your tiny house, is enjoyable and a memorable experience for you!

*All deposits are non-refundable 
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