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Glamping House Tents

Small (14X30) Sleeps 2-4

Large (16X32) Sleeps 6-10


Exterior Building Materials

We use wood or galvanized metal stud framed walls and roof system like a traditional house. It’s stronger than tent poles and gives us a very high wind resistance and greater snow load.

Our tents have stood up to 100 mph winds with no damage and snow loads up to 30 inches. 

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Tent Material

Our Canvas is American made, coming in many colors, with a thickness that is twice what standard tents are constructed of giving our tents a 10-15 year life cycle, no matter the climate.

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Interior Building Materials

We select interior finishes based on the design you choose.

Our design team will find your true self and express it in the design of your tiny house bringing it to life with materials, colors and accessories right for you.

Your friends and family will know it's truly your home when they see your unique personality in your tiny space. 

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Climate Control

The climate control of the tents is achieved with solar powered fans that draw air in from special tubes in the ground, cooling the air to around 55 degrees. Then the hot, moist air is blown out the top of the tent through screen covered vents. 

We use pellet boilers to heat water to 180 degrees and then circulate it through the tents to keep a constant temp from floor to ceiling. This system is 97% efficient and requires less maintenance than other heat sources.


Water System

Our water system uses filters and UV lights to make your water as pure as God created

it to be.

We use a recirculation system to re-use the grey water as many as 8 times for showers, dish and clothes washing.

Upon the final use of grey water, it's returned to landscaping beds to water fruit trees and plants to benefit us all.

*All deposits are non-refundable 
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Lighting System

We use American made LED lights through out the tents. These lights will last a long time and use very little power with the added bonus that they don't produce excessive heat.

Our rental sites,

Stargazer Mountain


Sapphire View,

feature a toilet and hand washing sink inside the tents


 exquisite Bathhouses with showers, extra toilets and laundry facilities.

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