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Our Story

Affordable Off-Grid Housing began as a local sustainable living alternative to the over priced housing market. Most of our builds range from $25,000 to $60,000. This means more house for your money. All of our off-the-grid, solar, wind and hydro power systems, are built in house by our lead Engineer. Meaning, sun or snow, you still have power to keep life going with a true OFF THE GRID experience year round. 

Our Washer and dryers use less than 400 watts of power. 

Our heating systems have a triple redundancy.

Wood, propane, hydronic and solar heating are all available.

Our dishwashers run on 12 VDC and use less water than hand washing.

We have over 43+ years of Off the Grid experience, Because we all live off the grid everyday, so, this gives us a first hand knowledge of living off the Grid

*All deposits are non-refundable 

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Our Systems

Here are some of the systems we offer

Image by Chelsea

Power Generation

We build custom Solar, Wind and Hydro systems to fit your lifestyle and power needs of the home.

Giving you unlimited power in all weather conditions and locations

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Climate Control

We use three different heat sources to keep you off the grid and living worry free.


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Compost Toilets

We build our toilets in house to be female and kid friendly. So, no more worries about urine getting in the solids container.

Our “waterless flush” system keeps the odors out with no unsightly view of the toilet's contents.

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Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heat provides Zone heating so the temp in one room can be different in other rooms. 

Definately helpful if you have pets and small kids.



We use a soy based spray foam insulation and a patented dual wall system that will prevent thermal bridging completely.


Water System

Our water filtration system allows you to aquire water from any source and purify it with a multi-stage water filtration system that is specificaly tailored for each use anywhere in the home.

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13818 Wilson Lane

Missoula, MT 59808

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