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Solar and Wind whats the best?

Updated: Apr 13

We get asked all the time what's the best off-grid power source? Well, the answer is yes! All of them are good. It just depends on location. For example in the south where it's sunny more days than it's cloudy, then solar is the best option. If you're located in a windy place then wind is better. Or if you have a river or other flowing water source that's reliable, then hydro is best. On my personal RV, I built it to be off grid where ever I am so I have three sources available to me. I have 2000 watts of solar, 1000 watts of wind and also 1000 watts of hydro. The reason is because we travel all over the map from Montana in summers, to Texas, Arizona and Florida in the winter. So no matter where we are, we have a power source that will keep the power on.

The battery back up system is 1400 amp hours of Thick pPate Carbon AGM batteries. Why not lithium? Because the price per watt is too high for me and because my thick plate carbon batteries will out perform the lithium batteries in cold. I mentioned before we spend a lot of time in Montana, so the best bang or amp hour per dollar is the Thick Plate Carbon AGM.

We will set your system up to perform at its best where you want to live and how you want to live in your Tiny House or Glamping.

Contact us today to find out how we can build your tiny house to suit your lifestyle.

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